I am not a writer. My specialism is retail brand and product development, with complementary expertise in seasonal trend and colour. However, when asked to write a piece on colour for summer I quickly realised that I didn’t really care what colours are on trend…….. and I have a feeling I may not be the only one!

The world has evolved at a quickening pace in the last few years. We have seen a large-scale movement in which thinking has transcended appearance and material. There is a greater and growing awareness of the need for more sustainable living and practices. Sociological issues such as mental health, diversity and equality are now taking centre stage.

The overriding message from the catwalks addressed the growing trend for sustainability. Brands were keen to show they have become more environmentally friendly. Of course, there are still fashion trends and the biggest impact from the catwalk this year was bright fluorescent colour.

Currently, we sit, play, eat, sleep and work confined in our own homes and we’ve become more connected through technology (Zoom and Houseparty have become invaluable). The importance of sustainability is reinforced as we’ve seen how one small action on the other side of the world can affect the whole planet. Covid-19 has no doubt challenged the way we live and its impact on our planet. On a positive note, it’s wonderful to see the planet respond to recent changes with nature given the chance to renew and restore in cities and towns across the globe.

Given the current pandemic and impending global repercussions , I’m not sure fashion trends are relevant right now. Will we be out on the streets this summer? To me it seems too big a big jump to move from my comfy home-wear to thinking about dressing to impress!

None of us really knows how this will play out. What we have learned is the importance of love, care and providing support to each other, both physically and socially. We will no doubt overcome the current crisis and hopefully do so as a better society.

In the meantime, if a bit of shocking pink gives some colour for summer and makes us smile then I’m all for it!

I’m giving it a go, even if it’s just Oscar and I who stand to benefit!

Stay safe Stay Well Stay at Home.


Lucas and Stone

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