Since my last blog I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what I wore to the wedding, well maybe not, but I feel the need to share…

After much contemplation of how to utilise some of the beautiful clothes I already own, I went window shopping with a very stylish old friend of mine. Whilst browsing in Zara, hoping I might the perfect top to go with my Chloe skirt, she pulled out a fabulous bright red fitted dress…very Valentino and very modern. Not at all what I had imagined myself wearing (I’m not really a structured, fitted dress type of girl) but styled up by Jane (my friend) with some with black block-heel sling backs with a panel of on-trend clear plastic (making the shoes look a lot less heavy), a double purchase was made, the whole outfit costing £70…who knew you could a feel a million dollars for £70! I then scoured the world wide web for a piece of black net on a headband and dadaa I was ready to go.

Anyway, less about me, me, me and my outfit. The bride looked completely stunning and the lady guests all looked very glamorous with primary colours coming out on top…lots of blue, red and some yellow.

Roll on the next wedding and wedding outfit planning…maybe it’ll be mine, then I can truly justify the time spent on thinking what to wear!

Credits to Katie on the left rocking red tassel earrings and a red Lucas and Stone cuff and Emma in the middle with a fabulous Bruce Oldfield dress and great contrasting yellow accessories.

Special thanks to Helen and Andy for organising a wedding that was so special and beautiful in every detail xx

Here goes the first of, hopefully, many blogs, style matters or matters of style! Nicely open to interpretation I thought!

Colour is one of the foundations of Lucas and Stone. The others are great quality, classic design and good value but I’ll save them for another time.

I love colour, my passion is colour and amazing colour combinations but somehow this rarely translates into my wardrobe! That’s why beautifully coloured accessories really appeal to me.

How do I wear them? Well that basically depends on my mood and the season – but here’s a few suggestions…

    1. Head to toe colour makes an impact. Add accessories of the same colour to your outfit to enhance the look.
    2. Totally opposite colours make each other look amazing. Technically, these are called complimentary colours, they are colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel (first created by Goethe and taught by Josef Albers). The name is a giveaway, when these colours work together they make each other look great. So why not add a burgundy cuff to set-off your yellow sweater!
    3. Colours stand out or pops more when used as a highlight with neutral tones. If you don’t wear much colour, a bit like me, camel and grey are my winter staples, then add a bright accessory to mix it up. Summer is my time and a totally different story colour wise, bright and bold tones are my fav so I tend to calm the look down with natural or neutral coloured accessories.
    4. Layer up different tones from the same colour family for a rich strong look. A good example that always looks fabulous is red with pink…and Delpozo always uses colour beautifully!


The best advice I can give is have fun and play with colour, it’s instinctive and anything goes, just wear it with confidence.

Feel free to share your thoughts too.



NB – All designer shots are from the Autumn Winter 2018 catwalk collections.