I am not a writer. My specialism is retail brand and product development, with complementary expertise in seasonal trend and colour. However, when asked to write a piece on colour for summer I quickly realised that I didn’t really care what colours are on trend…….. and I have a feeling I may not be the only one!

The world has evolved at a quickening pace in the last few years. We have seen a large-scale movement in which thinking has transcended appearance and material. There is a greater and growing awareness of the need for more sustainable living and practices. Sociological issues such as mental health, diversity and equality are now taking centre stage.

The overriding message from the catwalks addressed the growing trend for sustainability. Brands were keen to show they have become more environmentally friendly. Of course, there are still fashion trends and the biggest impact from the catwalk this year was bright fluorescent colour.

Currently, we sit, play, eat, sleep and work confined in our own homes and we’ve become more connected through technology (Zoom and Houseparty have become invaluable). The importance of sustainability is reinforced as we’ve seen how one small action on the other side of the world can affect the whole planet. Covid-19 has no doubt challenged the way we live and its impact on our planet. On a positive note, it’s wonderful to see the planet respond to recent changes with nature given the chance to renew and restore in cities and towns across the globe.

Given the current pandemic and impending global repercussions , I’m not sure fashion trends are relevant right now. Will we be out on the streets this summer? To me it seems too big a big jump to move from my comfy home-wear to thinking about dressing to impress!

None of us really knows how this will play out. What we have learned is the importance of love, care and providing support to each other, both physically and socially. We will no doubt overcome the current crisis and hopefully do so as a better society.

In the meantime, if a bit of shocking pink gives some colour for summer and makes us smile then I’m all for it!

I’m giving it a go, even if it’s just Oscar and I who stand to benefit!

Stay safe Stay Well Stay at Home.


Lucas and Stone

I can’t remember how many weddings I went to in my 40’s, in fact I can’t actually remember one (apologies to anyone if I was at your beautiful day and can’t remember), of course most friends, if they were going to get married had already done so by 40. So, as you can imagine, now past 50, I certainly wasn’t expecting to get an invite but amazingly for me a friend is getting married for the second time and as she’s fabulously glamorous, it’s a rather smart dressy affair.

Oooh I’m so excited, the chance to wear something a bit special. I love the opportunity to dress up and it’s probably the only wedding I’ll be attending for a long time so how do I decide on the most striking outfit?! Or is it even striking that I’m going for?

I’ve tried on various outfits, all with a different vibe; a Red by Valentine white crisp clean shell top with exaggerated bow and V back with a fun, fresh multicolour Pucci skirt. I’ve also tried my beautiful but rarely worn light sand, tiered Chloe silk skirt with an ivory blouse and my very old but beautiful cream sequin and satin flat Prada pumps…lovely but maybe a bit serious?!

Modern and chic describes how I’d love to look!  I’m particularly inspired by the 70’s air hostess with a touch of hippy chic coming through from the resort 2019 collections but the only starting point I have is my ivory white, Bianca Jagger inspired trouser suit (see main pic), though it does need a bit of colour and pattern somewhere….yes please to some Valentino if anyone is wondering!

So, how to look fabulous, will no doubt whirl around in my head for some time yet but it’s time well spent, I am really enjoying thinking about my options, whilst pulling on the same few sets of clothes every morning.

….once I’ve decided on the outfit I’ll have to start thinking about how to accessorise.

Here goes the first of, hopefully, many blogs, style matters or matters of style! Nicely open to interpretation I thought!

Colour is one of the foundations of Lucas and Stone. The others are great quality, classic design and good value but I’ll save them for another time.

I love colour, my passion is colour and amazing colour combinations but somehow this rarely translates into my wardrobe! That’s why beautifully coloured accessories really appeal to me.

How do I wear them? Well that basically depends on my mood and the season – but here’s a few suggestions…

    1. Head to toe colour makes an impact. Add accessories of the same colour to your outfit to enhance the look.
    2. Totally opposite colours make each other look amazing. Technically, these are called complimentary colours, they are colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel (first created by Goethe and taught by Josef Albers). The name is a giveaway, when these colours work together they make each other look great. So why not add a burgundy cuff to set-off your yellow sweater!
    3. Colours stand out or pops more when used as a highlight with neutral tones. If you don’t wear much colour, a bit like me, camel and grey are my winter staples, then add a bright accessory to mix it up. Summer is my time and a totally different story colour wise, bright and bold tones are my fav so I tend to calm the look down with natural or neutral coloured accessories.
    4. Layer up different tones from the same colour family for a rich strong look. A good example that always looks fabulous is red with pink…and Delpozo always uses colour beautifully!


The best advice I can give is have fun and play with colour, it’s instinctive and anything goes, just wear it with confidence.

Feel free to share your thoughts too.



NB – All designer shots are from the Autumn Winter 2018 catwalk collections.